Diet Pills For Women For Weight Loss

Dieting, according to Wikipedia is the practice of eating food in a regulated fashion to decrease, maintain, or increase body weight. An overweight person who is dieting most often combines physical exercise in order to lose weight. On the other hand there are some people who follow a diet to gain more weight though diet can also be used to sustain an ideal constant body weight.

Today, the term diet is always associated with losing weight.  Why? This is

Diet Pills For Women

because most of the diet programs that have become well known are intended to lose weight.  There are four general categories for diets that uphold weight loss.  These are the low-carbohydrate, low-fat; very low calorie and low-calorie.

Some of the first few diet programs that became popular were “Banting” which is named after William Banting.  He outlined the details of a certain low calorie and low carbohydrate that caused his weight loss dramatically.More diet programs soon followed after “Banting”.  An English doctor who was also the first dietitian cured himself who is extremely overweight.  Atkins diet was also popularized by the American nutritionist named Robert Atkins.  Many pamphlet, books and research papers were published promoting weight loss diet.

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Eventually people became more conscious with how they look hence; the development of what we call nowadays weight loss pills.  It is commonly referred to as well as diet pills.  A diet pill is any chemical substance that is controlled and administered to patient, which causes appetite to be suppressed or it can also affect the person’s fast metabolism, which in turn can result to absorption of calories. These diet pills are normally used by obese individual trying to lose weight. Visit to get more information on best diet pills for women.

All weight loss pills have adverse effect the reason overweight patients are prescribed and advised to go for a healthier substitute like engaging to exercises and sports or following a better diet plan.  The risk of all the negative effects of taking in weight loss pill should be carefully studied hence the need for an expert’s advice.

Today, there is only one pill that was approved by the FDA as most of the first introduced weight loss pills were banned due to its fatal effect, Orlistat can be taken for long term use prevents the gut from absorbing the fat in the food we eat. This way, fewer fats goes into the body and mostly was considered body waste.  This is the reason there is an oily spill that is uncontrollable from Orlistat users.  In addition, oily stool is also expected from people who are taking in Orlistat.  Siburtramine is also another known drug which is responsible in controlling a person’s appetite, therefore making the person think and feel he or she is already full avoiding eating food.  Extra precaution should also be taken into consideration as this can lead to anorexia.  Rimonabant, one of the latest appetite controllers is becoming popular while Metformin is known to be effective and safe for obese patients because it affects the sugar uptake in the liver.


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